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在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第1張圖片
▲ 紹興藝術學校及紹興演藝集團共同推進“校團合作”改革
Shaoxing Art School and Shaoxing Performing Arts Group jointly promoting the reform of "school-group cooperation"


The Shaoxing Art School, formerly known as the Zhejiang Shaoxing Opera Art Training Class, was completed and opened in 2003, with its current campus located on the west of Second Ring Road in Shaoxing City. Over nearly 20 years of development, the existing campus is no longer able to meet the needs of disciplinary planning and subsequent development, which is the reason for the transformation and expansion. In addition, in order to promote the reform of "school-league cooperation", the southern triangular area has been newly expropriated to serve as the construction site for the comprehensive building of the recently established Shaoxing Performing Arts Group. Two units operate independently, but they hope for organic integration and resource sharing.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第2張圖片
▲ 改造前后實景照片對比
Before and after the renovation

場地 Site


The newly expropriated land completes the southern portion of the site, making the entire land in an inverted triangle shape. The west side of Second Ring Road is the only interface connecting the campus and the city. The east and north sides are surrounded by rivers, and the view eastward is continuous natural mountains, with superior environmental resources in the surrounding area.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第3張圖片
▲ 場地原始照片
Original photo of the site


On the west side of the existing campus, which is perpendicular to the urban road, are the teaching and training clusters, while on the east side, which is orthogonal to the river, are the living and sports clusters. The campus layout corresponds to non-parallel triangular boundaries, forming a textured grid in two directions. As per the design requirements, all living and sports clusters will be preserved, with only facade renovation. The teaching cluster will have the public teaching building and the core music hall preserved. So, there will be preserved buildings in both directions of the original campus texture grid, which are important leads for the reconstruction of campus layout.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第4張圖片
▲ 總平面圖前后對比
Comparison of previous and present general layout plans

重構 Reconstruction


Over years of use, the original campus of Shaoxing Art School has formed a stable campus texture and spatial pattern. We respect the traces of time and hope to preserve the memories of the site. Therefore, based on the obvious site texture and multiple design requirements, the reconstruction of the new order of the site appears to be natural.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第5張圖片
▲ 新建、保留建筑示意
Concept of new construction and preservation of existing buildings


The main entrance facing the west of Second Ring Road will be preserved. Upon entering the main school gate, a canopy frame will be added to the west side, facing the main square, to strengthen the main position of the music hall. To the south of the square, facing the water, a new opera and music art building will be constructed. To the north, a new administrative complex will be erected. Both buildings will be curved, enveloping the music hall. Further north are the preserved public teaching buildings and newly built dance training buildings. The entire teaching and training cluster layout will be developed on the original texture, restoring and reconstructing the east-west campus axis.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第6張圖片
▲ 重構面向二環西路的校園主入口形象
Reconstruction of the campus main entrance facing Erhuan West Road


In line with the spatial texture of the living and sports clusters, a small theater will be added to the south side of the gymnasium. This will connect to the newly comprehensive building of the Shaoxing Performing Arts Group in the new land area on the south side. The small theater will serve as a shared functional area between the art school and the Performing Arts Group, fulfilling the common expectations of both units.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第7張圖片
▲ 順應生活運動組團的空間肌理形成南北文化功能軸
Formation of a north-south cultural functional axis in line with the spatial texture of the life and exercise


The layout of the east and west areas will not simply follow the original campus texture; it will involve a re-echoing and reconstruction of the boundary form and spatial pattern. By reshaping the entrance square, the circular cultural square at the intersection of the two major areas, the north-south pedestrian block, and the infiltration of open spaces between various buildings, the entire campus spatial structure will be organically integrated. This approach further depicts the unique dual-grid spatial characteristics of Shaoxing Art School.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第8張圖片
▲ 沿文化功能主軸由南至北看教學樓、劇場群體以及遠處圓形文化廣場
Viewing the teaching buildings, theater complexes, and circular cultural plaza in the distance from south to north along the main cultural axis

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第9張圖片
▲ 整體校園呈現雙網格空間形態特征
The overall campus presenting a dual-grid spatial form

情境營造 Scenario rendering




Rooted in this place and time, it aims to create this atmosphere and evoke these emotions. While reconstructing the texture and context, functional flow, venue environment, and formal style, more attention should be paid to whether the venue space can resonate with the user's behavior, experience, emotions, and consciousness.
The design includes motor vehicle flow lines on the periphery, ensuring that the entire campus remains inaccessible to vehicles. Squares, vestibules, courtyards, platforms, and other facilities will establish multidimensional connections between different functional areas across the campus, connecting the movements of teachers and students at different time periods, creating ubiquitous spaces for teaching, communication, and leisure.
The main campus square will be transformed from its originally monotonous tone to a sunken green space surrounded by a circle of steps, offering seats for students. The entrance steps of the front music hall will be enlarged, with a prominent porch added, which not only strengthens the subject image of the music hall, but also serves as an outdoor classroom or venue for rehearsal and practice for students majoring in traditional Chinese opera.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第10張圖片
▲ 音樂廳入口空間加建門廊強化主體形象
An additional porch in the entrance space of the music hall to strengthen the subject image

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第11張圖片
▲ 音樂廳入口臺階與門前小廣場成為室外課堂或排練、練功的場所
Music hall entrance steps and the front square transformed into an outdoor classroom or venue for rehearsal and practice


Based on a thorough analysis of the behavior of teachers and students, as well as the teaching mode of secondary vocational schools, the teaching cluster will consist of a vestibule running north-south. The venues for opera and music majors will be co-located in the southern teaching area with the  theoretical course classrooms. The teacher studios will be adjacent to the teaching venue, and the teacher and student piano rooms will be shared. The piano rooms and theaters will be set up nearby, which will subtly change students' learning methods, promoting complementarity between students from different majors and stimulating creative inspiration for teachers and students.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第12張圖片
▲ 南北連廊貫穿的教學組團
Teaching cluster traversed by the north-south corridor


Between the teaching cluster and the living and sports cluster lies a north-south pedestrian street, linking dormitories, canteens, classrooms, the gymnasium, teaching buildings, and theaters. Almost all functions of the entire campus are centralized here, facilitating various events such as in-class and after-class activities, rehearsals, performances, dining, and leisure. We hope to see such a scene: during breaks, groups of students rush to their respective classrooms; in their spare time, students chat and play here in groups; in the morning or evening, students majoring in traditional Chinese opera practice in a corner of the roadside. The rehearsal hall of the nearby theater emits a resounding sound of gongs and drums, while the piano room at the southern end plays melodious music... the integration of activities between people and the environment is an important goal of campus space reconstruction.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第13張圖片
▲ 南北步行街區
North-south pedestrian block

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第14張圖片
▲ 從南北步行街區望向教學樓場景
View of the teaching building from the north-south pedestrian block

劇場與演藝綜合樓 Theater and Performing Arts Complex Building

As an important new building, the theater and performance arts complex building will be the finishing touch in the creation of new campus spaces.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第15張圖片
▲ 從東側亭山望向整體改擴建工程項目
Viewing the overall renovation and expansion project from the east side of Tingshan


The small theater will stand facing the water, responding to the north-south axis with the western interface being straight; the second floor will be connected to the piano room area in the south teaching area by a platform and corridor. The rusty red perforated panels resemble stage curtains and open towards the central axis block and the direction to the city. From south to east, there will be a curved corner, transitioning from the glass curtain wall wrapped in rods to the vertically divided aluminum panel wall, to the east side, becoming the background for the active crowd on the sports ground. The curved roof will be used to balance the towering and rigid form of the stage. Thus, the overall composition logic of the form will be naturally harmonious.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第16張圖片
▲ 臨水小劇場回應南北軸線
The waterfront small theater echoing with the north-south axis

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第17張圖片
▲ 劇院、教學區交流平臺
Exchange platform between the theater and teaching area

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第18張圖片
▲ 教學連廊望向小劇場
View of the small theater from the corridor

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第19張圖片
▲ 小劇場觀眾廳入口
Entrance to the small theater audience hall

Considering the irregular land area and complex functions, multidimensional relationship between the city, the campus and the nature will be put into account for the performing arts complex building on the south side.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第20張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合樓兼顧城市、校園、自然的多維關系
The comprehensive performing arts building considering the multidimensional relationships between the city, the campus, and nature.


A solid base will be designed to accommodate various equipment, warehouses and auxiliary functional spaces, integrating them with the front ground through wide steps. The museum on the south side, the office on the north side, and the dormitory on the east side of the base will form three ink-colored structures, interspersed with several light colored functional bodies, sensitively responding to the irregular interfaces in various directions. The inner side will be formed by a glass curtain wall, creating a curved open space like water flowing through canyon, to accommodate multiple structures such as canteens and rehearsal halls and open up views towards the city and the water surface.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第21張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合樓西側如峽谷流水般弧型開放空間
The western side of the comprehensive performing arts building featuring an curving open space like flowing water in a canyon

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第22張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合樓滿鋪的基座通過大臺階與前場地面融在一起
The fully paved foundation of the comprehensive performing arts building blending seamlessly with the front ground through large steps

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第23張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合樓博物館、排練廳、宿舍等多個體量朝水面打開視野
The museum, rehearsal halls, and dormitories of the comprehensive performing arts building providing expansive views by opening up to the waterfront

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第24張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合樓北側辦公及宿舍山墻面共同形成的墨色體量
The northern side of the comprehensive performing arts building and the mountain walls of the office and dormitory forming a dark-colored view


The main structure of the central rehearsal hall will be enveloped in a translucent skin evolved from the traditional Shaoxing lattice window, becoming the visual center. Multiple outdoor platforms of different scales and elevations will serve as extensions of composite functional spaces, providing rich interactive and exchange spaces for the performing arts complex building.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第25張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合樓多個不同尺度、高程的戶外平臺創造豐富的互動交流空間
Multiple outdoor platforms of varying scales and elevations of the comprehensive performing arts building creating a diverse and interactive communicative space.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第26張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合樓二層平臺望向南側博物館
View of the southern museum from the second-floor platform of the performing arts complex building

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第27張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合樓金屬花磚墻
Metal tiled wall of the performing arts complex building

新生 Rebirth


Only minor renovations will be carried out on the preserved buildings, and the excess decorative components on the facade will be removed before being refreshed, while also enhancing the functionality. For example, adding a centralized entrance hall and vestibule at the bottom of the dormitory to facilitate management and use; the original shower room on the east side of the canteen will be turned into a teacher's restaurant, making it easier for teachers and students to access for meals; the gymnasium will be integrated with the theater through the installation of awnings; the concert hall and the public classroom will be combined with newly built buildings, with the addition of vestibule, large steps and outdoor platforms, etc., to naturally integrate the new and old buildings and achieve symbiosis with the new campus.

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第28張圖片
▲ 從改造后田徑場看劇場、體育館
View of the theater and gymnasium from the renovated track field

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第29張圖片
▲ 教學樓階梯教室內外
Interior and exterior of the lecture theatre in the teaching building

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第30張圖片
▲ 從改建體育館看向教學樓
View of the teaching building from the reconstructed gymnasium

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第31張圖片
▲ 從演藝綜合體看向北側校園的劇場
View of the north side of the campus from the performing arts complex

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第32張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合體北側局部細節
Partial details of the north side of the performing arts complex


For a campus that has been around for nearly 20 years, the new designs represent a disturbance and rebalancing of the original order. Through the sorting and reconstruction of local elements, a new sense of place is formed, and a new campus spatial form will be constructed.

結語 Conclusion


In-situ reconstruction for a scenario rebirth. The regional characteristics of Jiangnan Water Town and Drama Town, as well as the humanistic temperament of art school, have injected special genes into the new campus of Shaoxing Art School. The new campus will be rooted in the original texture and present a trend of natural growth. The new and old buildings are connected to the open space through courtyards, vestibules, platforms, and large steps in multiple dimensions, with multi-level connections and multi-scale sharing. The curved surfaces are smooth and undulating, while the boxy structures are straight and condensed. As if the entire campus is a beautiful melody like mountains and flowing water, following the trend and completed in one go.

Technical drawings

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第33張圖片
▲ 底層整體平面圖© UAD
Overall Plan of the Bottom Level © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第34張圖片
▲ 教學區平面圖© UAD
Plan of the Teaching Area © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第35張圖片
▲ 教學區立面圖© UAD
Elevation of the Teaching Area © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第36張圖片
▲ 教學區剖面圖© UAD
Section of the Teaching Area © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第37張圖片
▲ 小劇場平面圖©  UAD
Plan of the Small Theater © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第38張圖片
▲ 小劇場立面圖©  UAD
Elevation of the Small Theater © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第39張圖片
▲ 小劇場剖面圖©  UAD
Section of the Small Theater © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第40張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合體平面圖©  UAD
Plan of the Performing Arts Complex © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第41張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合體立面圖©  UAD
Elevation of the Performing Arts Complex © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第42張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合體剖面圖©  UAD
Section of the Performing Arts Complex © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第43張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合體石材幕墻細部©  UAD
Detailed Stone Curtain Wall of the Performing Arts Complex © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第44張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合體排練廳雙表皮幕墻©  UAD
Double Skin Curtain Wall of the Rehearsal Hall of the Performing Arts Complex © UAD

在地重構、情境新生 - 紹興藝術學校改擴建工程第45張圖片
▲ 演藝綜合體排練廳金屬花磚墻細部©  UAD
Detailed Metal Floral Tile Wall of the Rehearsal Hall of the Performing Arts Complex © UAD

The project information


建筑面積丨總建筑面積79606.42㎡,其中北側57227.47㎡,南側22378.95 ㎡

建  筑|張永青 陳澤 金楚豪 張馳 陳舒揚 汪揚 呂尚澤
結  構|鄭曉清 張杰 吳夏文 呂君鋒 凌佳燕 王宇軒 曹順宇 何立宏 丁子文
給排水|易家松 蔡昂 席斌 沈騰飛 張鈞
電  氣|馮百樂 張強 王斌 鄧周寧 俞利勇 吳旭輝 鄭國興
智能化|李向群 孫超敏 林華 楊國忠
暖  通|潘大紅 毛希凱 易凱
幕  墻|史炯炯 王建忠 蘇澤奇
室  內|何勇 牛棟 高恒 張毅
景  觀|黃璐 查莉君 張倍倍 舒鴻 凡宇露 岑詩雨 徐暉 沈海濤 王崛
橋  梁|史大為 胡國民 龔一瓊
巖  土|陳赟 顧家誠 辛蕾 胡根興
舞  臺|池萬剛 陳涌 池佳貝
加  固|林德建 錢濤 顧正維 王奇
經  濟|張瑛
視頻版權丨趙強 黃金榮 王歡

Project name: Shaoxing Art School Transformation and Expansion
Project location: No.500, West Erhuan Road, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
Design: The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University(UAD)
Clients: Shaoxing Art School, Shaoxing Performing Arts Group

Design year: 2019.10-2020.3
Completion Year: 2022
Site area: 94141.4 ㎡
Gross built area: 79606.42 ㎡

Chief Designer: Lao Yanqing
Architecture Design: Zhang Yongqing, Chen Ze, Jin Chuhao, Zhang Chi, Chen Shuyang, Wang Yang, Lv Shangze
Structural Design: Zheng Xiaoqing, Zhang jie, Wu Xiawen, Lv Junfeng, Ling Jiayan, Wang Yuxuan, Cao Shunyu, He Lihong, Ding Ziwen
Plumbing Design: Yi Jiasong, Cai Ang, Xi Bin, Shen Tengfei, Zhang Jun
Electrical Design: Feng Baile, Zhang Qiang, Wang Bin, Deng Zhouning, Yu Liyong, Wu Xuhui, Zheng Guo xing
Intelligent Design: Li Xiangqun, Sun Chaomin, Lin Hua, Yang Guozhong
HVAC Design: Pan Dahong, Mao Xikai, Yi kai
Curtain Wall Design: Shi Jiongjiong, Wang Jianzhong, Su Zeqi
Interior Design: He Yong, NiuDong, Gao Heng, Zhang Yi
Landscape Design: Huang Lu, Zha Lijun, Zhang Beibei, Shu Hong, Fan Yulu, Cen ShiYu, Xu Hui, Shen Haitao, Wang Jue
Bridge : Shi Dawei, Hu Guomin, Gong Yiqiong
Geotechnical Design : Chen Yun, Gu Jiacheng, Xin Lei, Hu Genxing
Stage design: Chi Wangang, Chen Yong, Chi Jiabei
Reinforcement: Lin Dejian, Qian Tao, Gu Zhengwei, Wang Qi
Construction economics: Zhang Ying
Photo credit: Zhao Qiang
Video credit: Zhao Qiang, Huang Jinrong, Wang Huan





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